Should Sprint and T-Mobile really be allowed to merge?

I’m not sure what to think about the T-Mobile / Sprint merger. On one hand, I see the benefits of more rapid deployment of 5G, which I think will be greatly improve bandwidth and download speeds. But on the other, it would knock down the number of major wireless carriers from four to just three.

I know T-Mobile’s John Legere has promised that prices will remain competitive, but that has a yet to be seen. If the new T-Mobile ends up having the best 5G around, I highly doubt that their prices will be anything but the highest.

But then again, T-Mobile is the first carrier (or Un-Carrier, as they call themselves) to come out with unlimited data. This must have caused the shareholders of the other two big carriers—AT&T and Verizon—to wet themselves, because it wasn’t long before they followed suit. It’s as if T-Mobile is the one making their decisions. Gotta hand it to John Legere, he really did change wireless plans for the better.

Another idea that comes to mind is that if the new T-Mobile brings its rapid deployment of 5G faster than the other two carriers can, perhaps they will be the ones to compete with aggressive pricing. Because who wants to pay more money for slower service?

It’s really hard for me to make a decision on this one, especially with how complex our political system is. But one thing I do know is that corporations love to take advantage of capitalism. The rich will keep on getting richer, and the middle class will keep on declining.

And if the price of premium phones can rise rapidly, what’s to say that our phone plans cannot?

Miss Windows Phone? How to get the most out of Microsoft Launcher on Android—On MSFT

I just finished my first feature at On MSFT. (Does it sound weird when I use the double preposition?) I thought that everyone who used to use Windows Phone/10 and who might already be invested in the Microsoft ecosystem could benefit with extra integration on their phone. So you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Ever since Microsoft discontinued its efforts on its Windows 10 Mobile platform, many former users have moved to other platforms, namely iPhone and Android. Because of this, Microsoft has refocused its efforts to these systems, building new apps to bring their ecosystem to those platforms.

Jonny Caldwell via On MSFT

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Microsoft says “stay faithful,” option for more paid OneDrive storage is coming

Finally, OneDrive might be able to compete with Apple, Google, and Dropbox as far as storage options go. Right now, the only way to get more than 1 TB of storage is to get the Office Home plan which upgrades multiple accounts each with the 1 TB limit, but having multiple storage drives defeats the purpose of it being called OneDrive for all of your files.

While the other tech companies Apple, Google, and even Dropbox already have storage plans that exceed the former 1 TB limit, Microsoft’s OneDrive still doesn’t have a plan that goes higher than 1 TB. As phones get better and their cameras get upgraded, more people than ever have devices that take high-resolution photos and 4K video. This means cloud storage is also getting filled a lot more quickly, and a single terabyte no longer works for everyone.


Today’s Stories: Surface Go gets firmware update, Corsair offers keyboard for Xbox One, Whiteboard for iOS updated

Surface Go’s new firmware update improves Surface Pen support

Microsoft’s Surface Go has picked up a firmware update late last week, as spotted by Neowin. The update includes several fixes for issues many users of the lower-end model of Microsoft’s premium tablet were facing, including a fix that caused the Surface Pen’s top button to fail. The update also fixes issues with the device’s UEFI bootloader, as well as improvements to the Bluetooth and Wireless drivers.


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Windows 10 19H1 build 18282 for Skip Ahead Insiders, adds light theme to Start and taskbar

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 19H1 preview build 18282 for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. The new build brings a host of new features and improvements, perhaps one of the biggest changes most users will notice is the introduction of a revamped Windows Light Theme. Starting with this build, Light theme will now apply to all system UI including the taskbar, Start Menu, Action Center, touch keyboard and more.


Gutenburg is WordPress’s new feature-packed post editor

Today I am previewing the new Gutenburg editor that will be the new default editor in WordPress soon. It’s a lot more advanced than the last editor, allowing you to insert many different types of “blocks,” including headings, paragraphs, images, quotes, tables widgets, and embedded links.

It’s really nice, and should support most of WordPress’s theme catalog. However, at least on my end, it doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge, so during my writing of this post, I had to use Firefox to try it out.

Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to add a contact form. It’s not a block that you can add, it seems you can’t easily add it to the classic editor block, either. The only way to do it is by remembering the shortcode to add it, or disabling Gutenburg altogether.

The Gutenburg editor allows “blocks” to be inserted into blog posts. Also, I’m bad with names. X-D

I like some of the new features it adds in the form of its new blocks, Insertable blocks include widgets (such as categories, recent comments, or more stories), page breaks which brings page-flipping, tables, spacers, and others.

It’s a really nice editor, although lack of support for Microsoft Edge is bringing me to use Firefox as my web browser for the time being.