Microsoft says “stay faithful,” option for more paid OneDrive storage is coming

Finally, OneDrive might be able to compete with Apple, Google, and Dropbox as far as storage options go. Right now, the only way to get more than 1 TB of storage is to get the Office Home plan which upgrades multiple accounts each with the 1 TB limit, but having multiple storage drives defeats the purpose of it being called OneDrive for all of your files.

While the other tech companies Apple, Google, and even Dropbox already have storage plans that exceed the former 1 TB limit, Microsoft’s OneDrive still doesn’t have a plan that goes higher than 1 TB. As phones get better and their cameras get upgraded, more people than ever have devices that take high-resolution photos and 4K video. This means cloud storage is also getting filled a lot more quickly, and a single terabyte no longer works for everyone.