Today’s Stories: Surface Go gets firmware update, Corsair offers keyboard for Xbox One, Whiteboard for iOS updated

Surface Go’s new firmware update improves Surface Pen support

Microsoft’s Surface Go has picked up a firmware update late last week, as spotted by Neowin. The update includes several fixes for issues many users of the lower-end model of Microsoft’s premium tablet were facing, including a fix that caused the Surface Pen’s top button to fail. The update also fixes issues with the device’s UEFI bootloader, as well as improvements to the Bluetooth and Wireless drivers.


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Gutenburg is WordPress’s new feature-packed post editor

Today I am previewing the new Gutenburg editor that will be the new default editor in WordPress soon. It’s a lot more advanced than the last editor, allowing you to insert many different types of “blocks,” including headings, paragraphs, images, quotes, tables widgets, and embedded links.

It’s really nice, and should support most of WordPress’s theme catalog. However, at least on my end, it doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge, so during my writing of this post, I had to use Firefox to try it out.

Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to add a contact form. It’s not a block that you can add, it seems you can’t easily add it to the classic editor block, either. The only way to do it is by remembering the shortcode to add it, or disabling Gutenburg altogether.

The Gutenburg editor allows “blocks” to be inserted into blog posts. Also, I’m bad with names. X-D

I like some of the new features it adds in the form of its new blocks, Insertable blocks include widgets (such as categories, recent comments, or more stories), page breaks which brings page-flipping, tables, spacers, and others.

It’s a really nice editor, although lack of support for Microsoft Edge is bringing me to use Firefox as my web browser for the time being.

Home, sweet home!

I’ve been writing for On MSFT for more than two weeks now, and so far, I really like it! I get paid by the amount of work I put in and the traffic revenue I generate, so it’s a great extra source of revenue and practice on improving my writing quality.

I discovered that both Office 365 Home and Personal support custom domains in Outlook. I already set up mine, although with a different domain than this one so that I can easily control spam should it become a problem.

I have a new desktop computer now, too. It’s got an Intel Core i5 (7th gen) with 8 GB DDR4 RAM and both a 128 GB solid-state primary drive as well as a 1 TB 7200 RPM secondary hard drive. Pretty nice specs compared to what I’m used to (Intel Pentium and 4 GB RAM).